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Company Safety Program:

Our Promise 


At All levels, we are dedicated to working together with the aim of achieving zero incidents.

We take responsibility for conducting our operations in a safe and responsible manner.

Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed industry and legal safety requirements.

Our focus is to provide a safe work environment that protects:

Our employees


Property and equipment


The environment

The general public

Core Beliefs


We believe that all incidents are preventable with the right measures in place.

A safe work environment requires consistency across the entire site.

Good health and safety practices benefit the overall success of our business.

All personnel at the site must abide by health and safety legislation, rules, and procedures.

Investing in safety not only protects our staff and equipment, but is also a cost-effective way to manage the site effectively.




ISN Networld (2015): A requirement for certain industrial projects, this membership ensures our safety policies and reporting stay up to date.


Certificate of Recognition (COR) (November, 2019): A nationally recognized safety program, this membership involves external audits to guarantee the effectiveness of our safety systems. Required for specific commercial and industrial projects.


WCB (2015): As a member in good standing, we are able to obtain clearance letters to prove insurability for owners.


WASP (2019): To stay informed about changes in workplace health and safety, we have joined WASP, a local safety organization that provides monthly updates.

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